Help Desk Software

Help Desk Software

Post by Deborah Martin » Sun, 12 Sep 1993 02:53:13

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Date:     Fri, 10 Sep 93 11:38:46 EDT

Subject:  Help Desk Software

    We have looked at several products to-date.  Some are very strong
in the problem resolution/trouble ticketing arena but lack the
integration of the other modules required for our NMS.

    For starters, here are the names of some products that could meet
your needs.  I can also give you the name of an integration vendor
who is just starting out in the business and can provide customization
(if you choose not to do it in-house).

        EXPERT ADVISOR (Software Artistry)
        Mike Mack (216) 328-2018

        PNMS (Peregrine)
        Mike Franco (619) 431-0696

        MAGIC Solutions, Inc.
        Vincent VanDyke
      (201) 529-5533

    Please note, only PNMS offers the ability to layer ORACLE, SYBASE
or INFORMIX on top of their proprietary DB.  We just met with CSC who
has integrated a group of INFORMIX-based products into an NMS.  However
there are not marketing this (as yet).  

     Let me know if you are interested in visiting our site to see what
we have done and plan to do.  Hope it helps!

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