termcap entry for hp2392

termcap entry for hp2392

Post by Mark Herbert Mueller-BBM Gm » Mon, 11 May 1992 18:45:53

A collegue at work is writing an application using 4GL and wants to use
the function keys on a hp2392 terminal.  The termcap delivered by Informix
supports only a very generic hp terminal.  Before I start trying to figure
out a termcap entry for this terminal, I thought I'd ask if anyone has
done it already and would be willing to share it?

 - Mark -
Mark Herbert

Mueller-BBM GmbH, Planegg b. Muenchen, Germany


termcap entry for hp2392

Post by Walt Hultgren {rm » Tue, 12 May 1992 23:02:20

asks about the termcap entry for an HP2392.

This seems like a good time to mention that I have received termcap entries
from several people.  They are in the file /pub/informix/pub/termcaps.shar
in the anonymous ftp archive on mathcs.emory.edu.

The entries in the file support the following terminals, windows and

  o xterm terminal emulator (X window system) on SPARCs running Open
    Windows and generic X11R5 from MIT

  o HP2392, HP2393, HP2397, HP700/92, HP2622, and HP 150 terminals on
    HP9000/350 and HP9000/370 workstations

  o vt100 running both Informix and Emacs under SunOS

If *you* have an entry you'd like to contribute, send it to me at one
of the addresses listed below.  Maybe we could have a contest for the
weirdest terminal/host combination :-).



Emory University              UUCP: {...,gatech,rutgers,uunet}!emory!walt

Atlanta, GA  30329  USA      Voice: +1 404 727 0648        


1. HP/UX vt220 termcap entry

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Hi there,
Can anyone provide me a termcap entry for HP/UX11 vt220 emulation with
function key F1 - F12 workable ? I have an application developed using
Informix-4GL version 7.20, which needs to use all the function keys.

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title:Principal Technical Support Analyst
fn:Wu Yew Fei


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