Online 6/Solaris 2.3/Inet 5.01

Online 6/Solaris 2.3/Inet 5.01

Post by Charles Stewa » Thu, 02 Feb 1995 22:13:53

I have been trying for some time to successfully connect a
PC application via Inet 5.01 to an Online 6 instance running
under Solaris 2.3.

I have been constantly thwarted by error 952 - users password is
not correct for database server.

Informix tell me that this was due to the Solaris 2 box running as
an NIS client and using C2 security which is not supported. However
having removed both these facilities the 952 is still returned from the

We now have a Sparc 20 with Solaris 2.3 which we are unable to
use with Inet, although it is 100% under a shell; dbaccess is
fine, locally and between unix servers.

Has anybody got any clues as to the problem, or even had a similar

Many thanks for any input,

Charles Stewart
Systems Admin
Lloyds International Factors.


Online 6/Solaris 2.3/Inet 5.01

Post by Malcolm Weallan » Fri, 03 Feb 1995 08:35:23

Possible causes of -932

I had many 932s in trying to get HST talking to OnLine.  My solutions to
932 errors included:-
1.  Incorrect host file on the PC
2.  No services file (not in the right place) on the PC
3.  No SQLEXECD process running on the UNIX end.
and 4.  An incorrect password!!!

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