Possible solutions for 25591

Possible solutions for 25591

Post by Wim Derweduw » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I had several problems with informix SE on linux redhat 5.1.
It seems that many problems can be solved by using the fully qualified
name of your machine.
Before I couldn't use unnamed pipes. I allways got #25591. After I putted
the fully qualified name in the sqlhost file. (You get the name with
unmane -n), unnamed pipes worked.

Also when trying to use the JDBC drivers, it seemed that not much would
work. Trying several things, I saw with netstat -a that he tried to set up
a connection never made it to ESTABLISHED.
Trying to use the fully qualified name in the JDBC connection url in stead
of ip adress, it suddenly worked.

So although in the documentation of informix, the use of ip adress or
hostname stays the same, it seems that in reallity on some systems it only
works with the fully qualified name.
I don't says it's a mistake of informix. It's possible it's a kind of
misconfiguration of nameserver or some thing else.
But because lot's of people suffer this problem I found it a good idea to
post this message.




1. 25591:Transport control received an invalid connection address.

Hi to all,

    I have just installed IDS -7.30.UC5-1 and have encountered the error

25591: Transport control received an invalid connection address.

Can someone please tell me where I went wrong ?

Also, I encounter another error below when I run oninit.
Please advise. Thank you very much. :)

Checking group membership to determine server run modesucceeded
Reading configuration file '/opt/informix/etc/onconfig.std'...succeeded
Creating /INFORMIXTMP/.infxdirs ... succeeded
Creating infos file "/opt/informix/etc/.infos.demo_se" ...
"/opt/informix/etc/.conf.demo_se" ... succeeded
Writing to infos file ... succeeded
Checking config parameters...succeeded
Allocating and attaching to shared memory...succeeded
Creating resident pool 394 kbytes...succeeded
Creating buffer pool 402 kbytes...succeeded
Initializing rhead structure...succeeded

Fri Jun 11 17:11:57 1999

17:11:57  Event alarms enabled.  ALARMPROG =
Initializing ASF ...oninit: Fatal error in initializing ASF with
'ASF_INIT_DATA' flags; asfcode = '25507'.


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