How do I print Graphs from my RDBMS ?

How do I print Graphs from my RDBMS ?

Post by Indu Shekhar Mudigon » Sat, 09 Oct 1993 12:46:12

Hi there!

  I know, I know that I'm not in the "right" group. But then Guru can be
  extracted even from "wrong" groups.

  I'm facing this sall task that I need to do. UNable to know how to start.
  Here is the scenario.


      PROGRESS-RDBMS. I need to provide some Graph printing capabilities to
      the users. Is it possible by having an interface extablished between
      my database and a  Dos machine supporting Windows-Excel?

      Will it be possible to stay in unix and execute some command
      which can invoke the "Windows Excel" / Lotus type of spread sheets .
      I can create the Data file in my unix envirornment. But then that
      datafile has to be transferred to the DOS or which ever ENV and invke
      Excel and print and come back. Ofcourse all this has to be in BATCH

   With all those diffeent types of S/w  exploding in the market I think
   this should not be a big deal at all.  

   Any help extended i this regard is gretfully appreciated.



1. Q: packages placing graphs/tables into RDBMS

does anyone know of an application or set of applications which allows
a user to enter information in a document and then have the data therein
stored to a commercial RDBMS.

document? text/graphic document produced by using WordPerfect,
FrameMaker,... or a proprietary editor.

information? tables, text, structured field information, etc.

RDBMS? Oracle, Ingres, Sybase, Foxbase, Inform, Unify, DBase...

i am interested in all solutions, from PCs to mainframes  - commercial or
proprietary - available by mail order, VAR, or system integrator.

if possible, availability/price would be great as well.

i will gladly post a summary of email responses.

thank you
        michael ryan

        408 737 4862

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