Informix bugs (Was ROWID bug i

Informix bugs (Was ROWID bug i

Post by Stuart Hemmi » Fri, 25 Sep 1992 01:10:18

Quote:(Jonathan Leffler) writes:

[Stuff deleted]

Quote:>>Is there a bug fix for this ROWID - GROUP BY problem and if there is, is
>>there an anonymous ftp site that we can get the fix?

> Informix does not distribute bug fixes like that. (I'm tempted to say
> Informix does not distribute bug fixes period -- that is not quite true,
> but is a reasonable starting point for the discussion.)

Is this simple because Informix products don't have bugs (8-)) or is
there some other reason?

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1. BUGS idapi BUGS idapi BUGS idapi BUGS

Following is the test query

tableName | field Name             |
          | CHECK as TO someName   |

Start your Paradox for Windows. Choose Help|About. Press I. Internal
build will be displayed. Then there will be words "lego:" followed
by a date. If that date is from 1994, you are OK. But if you installed
Delphi or latest release of Novel Office or Quatro Pro, that date
might be from 1995. That's the version of IDAPI the BUG is in. Here
is how it goes...

In above query we have used word "TO". It is not a key word. I called
Borland's Tech Support line paying $2/min and they confirmed it's not.

Above query works fine. But if your "lego" date (i.e. IDAPI build) meets
above criteria, you will get an error message saying "AS must be followed
by a name of field in the ANSWER table". Whether you some thing after

Called Borland many times about it but the guys there wouldn't believe
me as it works on any copy of Paradox. Finally I asked them to try it
on a machine which had DELPHI installed on it after Paradox and thus
had a "lego:" date of Feb/95. It was confirmed and registered.


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