Post by Jeff Gril » Sat, 04 May 2002 23:58:51

I'm looking for a routine to parse an address for POSTNET barcoding.  Any
help would be appreciated.

Thank, Jeff


1. What is parse -vs- hard parse?

I'm working with a system running Ora Ent. Ed.
bstat/estat reports:
108,572 total parses and
  3,572 hard parses
for 224632 executions of SQL statements

I'm clear on what hard parses are, but what are the others?
Or rather what is going on during a non hard parse?

And is there something to infer from the ratio of these "soft" parses
to executes(96.6%)?  FYI, the application is not using bind vars, yet.
I read somewhere that Oracle reparses every sql statement that has
literals in the where clause.  If that's true, I wonder if they
meant "soft" vs hard parse?

Thanks in advance,

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