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Hello Informix Users,

I just saw a message go by from somebody wanting a tool to track informix
sessions and asking about the use of ISPY.

This is a message to all of you Informix users. You have been looking for an
easy to use graphical product to supervise your Informix Dynamic Server.
DB-SuperVisor is the ideal product for you.

You can monitor your instances across your network from your PC. You can detect
any bottlenecks or lack of resources.
Monitoring and supervising Informix Dynamic Server from your PC

Especially designed for the monitoring and supervision of the Informix Dynamic
Server RDBMS, DB-SuperVisor is a client/server system perfectly adapted to the
needs of the users.

Whether you are a DBA, systems administrator, consultant, benchmark specialist,
or a developer, DB-SuperVisor brings you the solutions to optimize and analyze
your server through a wide range of functionalities :

        Space Manager
        Performance Analyzer
        Status of resources
        Alarms Manager
        History Manager
        Resources Usage Reports
        SQL access to SMI

DB-SuperVisor brings you analysis power through a very user-friendly graphical
interface that allows you to visualize in real time the disk space usage, the
memory usage, or any resource through histograms, gauges, pie charts, or real
time line graphs.

Space Manager
-       Databases, tables, indexes, logical and physical  space.
-       Graphical indicators : histograms, gauges, pie charts.
-       Tables : sorted by size, number of extents, row size, number of
indexes, ...

Performance Analyzer
-       Disk access layout in real time.
-       Virtual processes (VPs) and threads activity : run queue line graph.
-       Most consuming sessions : memory, disk access, log usage, ...
-       LRU usage in real time
-       Mostly used tables : disk access or users
-       Checkpoint durations

Status of resources
-       Memory, logs, data replication, sorts, locks, resources overflow
-       Databases, data dictionary, stored procedures.
-       Sessions activity : SQL, memory usage, log usage, thread usage, ...

-       Disk usage : by chunk, dbspace, and database.
-       Chunk status.
-       Data replication.
-       Resources usage : locks, ...
-       Memory usage
-       LRUs usage
-       Mostly accessed tables.

Alarms Manager
-       Wide range of events.
-       Signal to : screen, printer, file, ...
-       2 levels of alarms :Red (critical) and Yellow (less critical)

History Manager
-       Disk space
-       Disk access
-       CPUs
-       Memory
-       Users load : connections.

Resources Usage Reports
-       Complete reports on resources utilization : screen or printer
-       Exports formats : Word, Excel, WordPerfect, HTML, Lotus, ODBC, ...

System Configuration
      PC (Pentium 120 or higher)
      16 MO RAM minimum (32 MO advised)
      20 MO disk space
      Windows 95 ,98 or NT 4.0
      TCP/IP (Winsock 1.1 compliant)
      Informix CLI 2.5 or more
      ODBC 2.5 or more


If you are or any of the users in your groups are interested in DB-SuperVisor,
feel free to contact us for more information or an evaluation copy of the
software. Do not forget your Name, Company Name, your address.

You can contact us at:

197 rue de l'Ambassadeur
78700 Conflans Ste Honorine


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