Help pls..Datamodel change control

Help pls..Datamodel change control

Post by Basamna » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Are there any tools for datamodel changes control for informix database.

database    change controls.  In this case, the development team wants to
understand what
   changes have been made to the underlying data model -- what fields or tables
   or relationships have been added or deleted or modified.  Also, it's the
kind of tool that   is more likely to be very database specific.  That is, the
tools developed
   and used for SQL Server would be quite different than those used for


1. changing datamodel

Is it possible to change a datamodel without having to re-write a report or
form ?
For example   the datamodel is :work:journal.db
       I wanted to change it to     :variable:journal.db

the :variable: would be a path that I would be able to change at any time.

I am working with several clients.  They each have their own directory and
they each have exactly the same databases in their directory.  I have been
copying their databases to a directory that stores all of my forms and
reports.  This method works but it is slow.
If I could just allow the forms and reports to remain in the working
directory,  but have the datamodel change as I change clients,  that would
make things a lot more efficient for me.

the variable might read  D:\1998 books\mrjones

then I could change it to  D:\1998 books\mrsmith

Jim Sisco

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