Informix 5.10 and VPN Connection

Informix 5.10 and VPN Connection

Post by Rob Swif » Fri, 21 Jun 2002 18:37:44

Hopefully somebody has come across this and has a solution.

I have unix box behind a Windows dial up server which set ups a VPN
Connection to the remote client.

When I copy files from the  unix box I use the full 512Kbps bandwidth
available both upload and download which suggests that the unix box
with the Informix is okay.

The problem is that when I use SCO SQL Retriever 4.18, the bandwidth
when used goes down to around 70Kbps (Which is modem speeds).  IF I
have more userr it goes up to 140, 210 et.c. depending on how many
users.  So the bandwisth is there it is alomost as if there is a limit
on remote users.

I have a hunch that the VPN is blocking a port used for the ODBC
driver but cannot find out what this is.

Has anybody got any idea,

Help would be appreciated.


Rob Swift


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