Portland, Oregon Meeting Post

Portland, Oregon Meeting Post

Post by Pacific Northwest Informix User Gro » Wed, 29 Nov 1995 04:00:00

The Fall 95 Pacific Northwest (Portland-area) Informix User Group
meeting is now just a week away -- mark Wednesday, December 6 on
your calendar.

Please respond to this via email if you plan to attend.

If you cannot attend, you can still participate. First, send us your
email address and feedback, and then, after the gathering, youll
receive proceedings from the meeting and later, a more detailed

If youre interested in playing a larger role guiding the direction of
the Pacific Northwest User Group, respond via email and well give you
information on joining the steering committee.

Whether you can attend the meetings or not, the benefits of "plugging
in" will certainly enhance your experience working with the Informix
RDBMS, and will more than likely make your job (or your co-workers
job) a little bit easier somewhere down the road.  And theres no cost
to you.

The next meeting is scheduled for:
Wednesday, December 6th -- 5:00-6:30pm
Hewlett Packard  -- Suite 100
15115 SW Sequoia Prkwy Tigard
(exit 291/Carmen Dr. off I-5 near Home Depot)
Refreshments will be served

--------EMAIL YOUR FEEDBACK-------------------------------

Your Name      
Mail Address            

My interest is in:
[ ] Receiving newsletters and proceedings from User Group Meetings
[ ] Attending up-coming Informix User Group Meetings
[ ] I plan to attend the Dec. 6 meeting
[ ] Joining the local Informix User Group Steering Committee
[ ] Sharing successful (or unsuccessful) Informix project stories via
meetings or the newsletter

Who else at your company works with Informix?   Send Newsletter?
Name            Title                           Yes     No

Which functions would you like your local Informix User Group to
Exchange of information                        
Technical resource                              
Technology, product updates                            
Informix training
Job bank info                          

Which topics would you like to see discussed at Informix User Group
OnLine XPS                              
Performance Monitoring & Tuning                            
Implementation, Development Case Studies                                
Practical Data Warehousing Steps                                

Does your company have an Informix DBA? Yes No
Does your company rely on outside consultants/contractors?      Yes No

Are you (U) using or (E) evaluating any other database engines?
Oracle           MS SQL Server          Sybase SQL Server                DB2

Thanks in advance for the feedback.

The next meeting is scheduled for:
Wednesday, December 6th -- 5:00-6:30pm
Hewlett Packard -- Suite 100
15115 SW Sequoia Prkwy Tigard
(exit 291/Carmen Dr. off I-5 near Home Depot)
Refreshments will be served

Pacific Northwest Informix User Group
Fax 503/639-6836




Job Posting No:    98-038
Posting Date:      August 12, 1998
Job Title:         Oracle Data Architect
Compensation:      $60-80K / DOE / DOQ
City:              Portland
State/Province:    Oregon
Job Type:          Direct Hire
Industry:          Insurance

Primary Qualifications/Requirements

1.  B.S. in Computer Science or related field;
2.  Minimum 5 years experience in the role of an Oracle Data Architect,
Modeller and/or Database Designer in an UNIX environment;
3.  Capable of developing enterprise-wide data models;
4.  At least 8 years total experience in an Information Systems environment;
5.  Prior Data Warehousing experience a plus;
6.  Prior experience with NT, SQL, COBOL, CICS, VSAM, SAS a plus; and
7.  Must have US work authorization.

Note:  Relocation assistance is NOT available for this position.


Primary Job Duties

Information is available upon request.

Company Profile

This company is a well established, Portland based insurance company.

Employee Benefits

Information is available upon request.

More Jobs!

Visit the Synergy Solutions web site at http://www.becksolutions.com and
browse through hundreds of IT jobs with client companies in most regions of
the US.

How to Apply

Please forward, for immediate consideration, your COVER LETTER and RESUME,
referencing the SPECIFIC JOB POSTING NUMBER by COPY/PASTE into the body of
your email. Documents may also be faxed or mailed but MUST include your
EMAIL ADDRESS in order to be processed. Forward to:

SYNERGY SOLUTIONS, LTD. - Creating Successful Partnerships
Attn:           Larry Beck, President
Voice:          360/988-2066
Fax:            360/988-0316

Web:            www.becksolutions.com

Cover Letters and Resumes, with your email address, may be mailed to:

Synergy Solutions, Ltd.
Attn:  Larry Beck, President
PO Box 28328
Bellingham, WA  98228-0328

(Mailed and faxed resumes without an email address will NOT receive a reply.)


Synergy Solutions, Ltd. will use its reasonable and best efforts to provide
job descriptions, qualifications, requirements, compensation, employee
benefits, geographic locales, availability and related data, here and after
collectively referred to as "The Information," to its job candidates in a
timely and accurate manner and as represented to Synergy Solutions, Ltd. by
its clients who are the hiring agents.  Synergy Solutions, Ltd. and its
clients reserve the right to modify The Information at any time without
prior notice.

All rights reserved by Synergy Solutions, Ltd., 1997.

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