VisionWare ODBC Driver for Informix

VisionWare ODBC Driver for Informix

Post by Andrew Smi » Tue, 23 Nov 1993 08:46:36

>I understand that VisionWare has an ODBC driver available for
>Informix.  I would be interested to hear comments from
>anyone who is currently using it, specifically regarding
>performance as compared with Informix ESQL.


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I've just received them.  Will report when I've had a chance to evaluate
the product.
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1. Comments on Visionware ODBC drivers

Has anyone got any experience of using the Visionware ODBC drivers
running with an Informix database (Standard Engine) running on a UNIX box
(SCO) talking to MS Access on a PC?

If you haven't got specific experience of this combination, I'd still be
interested to hear general comments and opinions on the Visionware drivers.

Thanks for your help.

Regards, Ben

The Direct Connection Ltd

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