delete informix log

delete informix log

Post by Jose Martin » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 20:17:47

as I can erase the file database.log?

delete informix log

Post by Colin Bul » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 23:34:15

This does not sound like a standard Informix file. What version of Informix,
what operating system. What directory is the file in ?

Colin Bull

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> as I can erase the file database.log?

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delete informix log

Post by Jonathan Leffle » Sun, 06 Jul 2003 05:27:44

> as I can erase the file database.log?

You're using SE?  And you have a logged database?  In which case, that
file is probably your transaction log?  So, you need to understand
your backup strategy - the transaction log is an integral part of
that.  However, your database needs to be inactive while you do a
backup and at that point, you can also truncate your log file.  But
you still need to understand your backup strategy.

You're using IDS?  In this case, the file is probably your online log
file.  Yes, you can erase it without doing any damage.  It would be
sensible to check that there is nothing untoward (unexpected) in it
before doing so, but once you've done that, you should be OK to erase it.

If neither of the above scenarios applies, you'd better tell us what
your situation is (database server, platform, versions, etc) - without
any extra information, this is about as much as anybody can do for you.

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