Microsoft Foxpro & Visual Foxpro Accessing Informix

Microsoft Foxpro & Visual Foxpro Accessing Informix

Post by John A. Roccafort » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I am interested in knowing if Microsoft Foxpro for Windows and Visual
have the ability to access inforix databases.  Also what abour these
products on a Mac



1. Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver and FoxPro 2.0

I am writing an application in VB6 which updates FoxPro
2.0 tables.

Using the Microsoft Visual FoxPro driver (the only FoxPro
driver available under VB6), retrieving a unique record
based on two indexed fields from a 168,000 record table
requires upwards of 20,000 I/Os.

Retrieving the same record using the Access 97 FoxPro 2.0
driver takes 210 I/Os.  

The overhead with the Microsoft Visual FoxPro driver
prevents implementing the solution using VB6.

Can anyone offer a solution to this situation?  Any input
would be greatly appreciated.


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