Indexes via DBI driver in Perl (DBD::Informix)

Indexes via DBI driver in Perl (DBD::Informix)

Post by Jonathan Leffle » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

>  how can I get the indexes of some or all tables in a database using
>  DBI driver? I'm using the Informix-DBD, and there's no hint about this
>  topic.

...mainly because it isn't something that DBI supports directly.

Your best bet is probably to go to the IIUG software archives
(hmm, how many times have I said this today?
and get hold of SQLCMD.  In the code for the INFO statements
(, you will find the statements I use to generate the
information loosely equivalent to "INFO INDEXES FOR sometable",
which is not a built-in command in SQL so you cannot run it
directly from DBD::Informix.  Note that the statements assume
you know the table number (systables.tabid) entry for the table.
To deal with lists of tables, you will have to revise the code


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1. Indexes via DBI driver in Perl

Just perform this SQL:

SELECT idxname
FROM sysindexes si, systables st
WHERE si.tabid - st.tabid
  AND st.tabname = "mytable";

If you also want the column definitions that is more difficult and ugly but
looks something very much like this:

SELECT idxname, c1.colname, c2.colname, c3.colname, ......
FROM sysindexes si,
        systables st,
        syscolumns c1,
        OUTER syscolumns c2,
        OUTER syscolumns c16
WHERE si.tabid - st.tabid
  AND st.tabname = "mytable"
  AND c1.tabid = st.tabid AND c1.colno = ABS(si.part1)
  AND c2.tabid = st.tabid AND c2.colno = ABS(si.part2)
  AND c3.tabid = st.tabid AND c3.colno = ABS(si.part3)
  AND c16.tabid - st.tabid AND c16.colno = ABS(si.part16)

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