PC Mag (Labs) Oracle/Netware Article

PC Mag (Labs) Oracle/Netware Article

Post by Janet Bri » Thu, 24 Feb 1994 07:23:16

I would like to get information on the Informix response to an
article in PC Magazine (LABS).  The articel is titled "Performance Tests:
SQL Databases".  It shows Oracle7 for NetWare as a "standout performer"
over Informix, Sybase, and IBM-DB/2 among others.  I am afraid that I do
not have the date for this article, but I would think it is within the
past 5 months or so (hope that helps).

One question...Is this the basis for the Oracle "Snail Ad"?

Thanks for your help,



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Can anyone point me to any articles discussing the pros and cons of Oracle
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workgroups ?

Thanks in advance.
John Field

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