ANNOUNCE: latest upd_stats utility at iiug

ANNOUNCE: latest upd_stats utility at iiug

Post by Douglas Wils » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

The latest and greatest upd_stats utility has been put in
the software archives at

It generates and executes 'update statistics'
statements, is written in perl, and requires (strongly
recommended, at least) the latest
and greatest DBI and DBD::Informix modules available

Thanks to Roderick Schertler for making it actually work on
SE (version 7.2 if I remember correctly), so more people can
join in the fun (yes, Doug, there is no sysmaster database in SE, duh).

Douglas Wilson


1. ANNOUNCE: Another update statistics utility - latest update

At the IIUG repository at:

The latest update to my update statistics utility (upd_stats)
has just been put in the repository. Its in perl, and you'll need
DBI and DBD::Informix, and ESQL/C to make it work.

There's been lots of updates, fixes, and fixes to the updates lately,
but I'm finally pretty happy with what's there now.

Try it out and send questions, comments, etc. to:

Douglas Wilson

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