Utah Informix User Group WWW page

Utah Informix User Group WWW page

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Hi!  This is announce the embryonic state of a WWW page for the Utah Informix
User's Group.  Containing information about upcoming events as well as the
general organization of the Group, it can be reached at:


While Informix corp is planning a WWW server for early next year, to my
knowledge (which is feeble), other than a listing of user groups there wont
be anything else about user groups and their functions.  Towards this end,
there is a section in our page for information to be posted for other user
groups.  If any other user groups would like to post notices, please contact

Please be aware that this is a "beta-at-best" product.  Not everything is
running perfectly but I'm trying to get all the bugs worked out.  PLEASE
be generous with your comments and suggestions for improvements.


Carlton Doe

Carlton Doe
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1. Informix User Group UK - WWW Home Page and Conference Announcement

Check out the brand new INFUSE WWW Home Page on
It has details of the conference and joining details

INFUSE - The Informix User Group in the UK
The 7th INFUSE Conference will take place at the Cavendish Conference
Centre, London on Thursday 19th October 1995

Held twice a year, these conferences are an excellent opportunity for
Informix users to meet together, share experiences and talk to senior
Informix personnel.  The afternoon workshops are a highlight of every
conference, and the exhibition is always a very valuable source of
information for delegates.

The programme for the next conference is as follows:

Registration and coffee (9.15)
Welcome and introduction, Jerry Nichols, INFUSE Chairman  (9.40)
Recent changes at Informix and the latest news from Technical Support -
Mike Harrison and Mike Payne from Informix
User case studies
INFUSE member Julian Ricks of Ideal Hardware has recently been involved
in an OnLine DSA project which included Informix client/server products
and enterprise implementation.
Making the most of publishing on the Web
Benefit from the experience of Nick Crawford from Web Writers who will
explain why you should consider setting up a Web page and how this can be
Informix product update
Terry Lawlor from Informix will talk about recent product announcements
and future plans.
Choose one of the following workshops (13.30)
1 Understanding the Informix Optimiser, led by Malcolm Weallans
The Optimiser is vital to the efficiency of applications.  This workshop
will share members' experiences and knowledge in this important area.
2 Hints and tips for 4GL programmers, led by Sally Woolrich of Excelsis
3 More invaluable help on NewEra programming from David Chan of Objective
Research.  You will learn how to design NewEra applications taking into
account scalability and performance.
Choose another workshop from the above
The world-wide user conference - A report from Arunesh Kainth
Burning Issues - An opportunity to clear up any outstanding issues.
Tea and a final opportunity to visit the exhibition. (16.15)

Exhibitors will include:
Computer Corporation of America
Cray Research Superservers
DCS Information Systems
IQ Software
Soft Toolrack Ltd
Westmount UK

INFUSE members can use one of their pre-paid conference coupons, or pay
60 (plus VAT).  Non-members must pay 85 (plus VAT).

To register
Please contact the INFUSE office at the address below.

Kebbell House, Carpenders Park, Watford,  Herts. WD1 5BE
Phone: 0181 421 3533    Fax: 0181 420 1420


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