Differences between Online for Workgroups and Online Dynamic Server

Differences between Online for Workgroups and Online Dynamic Server

Post by David Ta » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hello Informix gurus,

I am new to Informix and its new range of online products. Currently, we
are using Informix Online Dynamic Server for Unix (on Solaris 2.5). Due
to costs, Informix sales department has recommended that we start using
Informix Online for Workgroups instead. So we bought a copy of Online
for Workgroups (for Unix server) and bang our applications don't run on
it straight off. Our main problem is that the dynamic library are
different. The main files are $INFORMIXDIR/lib/iasfs07a.lib (on the
Dynamic server) and $INFORMIXDIR/lib/iasfs07b.lib (on Workgroups). Has
anyone experienced this problem and how do we go about solving it. I
know Online for Workgroups is a new product so there does not seem to be
a lot of knowledge in the outside world about this problem. Could you
please email me directly for any suggestions. Thank you in advance.

David Tan


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I have generate my application with Online Dynamic Server 7.22 on AIX
(IBM RS6000) and now I want the same application, with the same database
run on Sun Solaris 2.5 with the previous release of Online Dynamic
Server (i.e release 7.13).
My question is:
        Could give me the best procedure to perform on my first environment
(AIX) and the steps to do on target platform ?

Many thanks for your help,


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