Jobs Available for Informix Programmers

Jobs Available for Informix Programmers

Post by KC22 » Thu, 07 Sep 1995 04:00:00

We have immediate natiowide positions to choose from in California, Texas,
Florida, New England, Hawaii and Colorado for experienced Informix 4GL and
Informix SQL programmers. These positions pay $30-$60 per hour for 3-6
month assignments. We will provide complete housing accommodations and
reimburse you for round-trip transportation.

If you are interested, please call Steve at U.S. Technology Personnel,
203-966-6881 or fax your resume to 203-972-0721


1. Part Time FMP programmer job available in Baltimore

The Office of Research and Development at the University of Maryland,
Baltimore is looking for an experienced FileMaker Pro programmer to help
us customize and further develop a moderately complex technology and
patent tracking relational database.  Total duration of the work is
expected to be 3-6 months on a  part-time basis.

For further details, please contact Colin Hunter at

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