Creating dbspaces on HP logical volumes

Creating dbspaces on HP logical volumes

Post by Craig Ostr » Tue, 30 Jan 1996 04:00:00

We have a HP T500 which uses HP's logical volumes to organise the disk
space.  We want to create dbspaces on seperate devices to speed up our
databases.  What do we do to either switch off the HP stuff or use the
logical volumes as they are.

Please can someone help?


Creating dbspaces on HP logical volumes

Post by Powersta » Thu, 01 Feb 1996 04:00:00

we have a fast/wide differential disk subsystem utilizing 7200 rpm 9 ms
drives for the hpux environment. 2, 4, 10 gig drives. if this would help,
let me know.


1. HP-Logical Volumes and Sybase Logical devices ?

On HP while it's not documented, you can use logical volumes instead
of pure raw partition.  One of the features of logical volumes is that
ii is "soft partitionning".  Hence, even after its creation, a given logical
volume can be extended.

My question is:  If I can extend a logical volume on which is mapped a Sybase
device, can I then extend the device so that it includes the new disk space
just allocated to the logical volume ?

I tried to figure out in the doc how to do this by as logical volume are not
even documented, they did not documente this capability.  Maybe it simply
doesn't exist.

If you have any insight ...

JS *:-)

Jean-Sebastien Neveu
Bell Quebec

(514) 391-2303

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