IIUG Insider May 30: Issue #28

IIUG Insider May 30: Issue #28

Post by Fred » Sat, 31 May 2003 08:33:31

Informix fans, please note that this week's IIUG Insider will publish
shortly at www.iiug.org. It is a longish issue with the following table of

1) IBM Software Symposium 2003, a View from the Floor
2) IIUG Adds New Web Site Contact Facility
3) Winter Corp's Top Ten Program Survey
4) IBM's InfoBahn Road Show Update  
5) IBM's Information Management Forum, a Worldwide Road Show
6) IBM Webcast: Business Integration and the Role of Data Management
7) Useful Links

Comments and publication submissions are welcomed and encouraged. Please

Many thanks and best regards,

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1. IIUG Insider (Issue #23)-ISQL

Is ISQL a product that is only for use with 4GL as I am confused after
the latest announcements.

"...also launching 4GL and ISQL 7.32. These products are expected to
allow users currently on IDS 7.x databases to take full advantage of
the latest function-rich IDS 9.4 server release."

"....can buy or renew 4GL 7.32 and/or ISQL 7.32 licenses."

The bit I am most interested in is -
"allow users currently on IDS 7.x databases to take advantage of ..function-rich IDS 9.4 server release." How ?

So what is ISQL. ( I did a search on the IBM web site and clicked on ISQL and it took me to the
4GL page :-( )

Is this just marketing speak for upgrade and you can .....
Or can users of IDS 7.x really take advantage.

Apologies in advance for my ignorance and naievity and trust in marketing hype.

Colin Bull  

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