Auxillary servers: NT vs Linux? (Universal Server)

Auxillary servers: NT vs Linux? (Universal Server)

Post by j.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Our shop uses a number of auxiliary servers that perform various functions
that for some reason can't/shouldn't be done on the server (data cleanup,
preprocessing, etc.)

Most of these are coded in C/C++, and currently run on NT.  While I wouldn't
want my ventilator to run on it, the pain factor for these functions isn't
that great.

In recent months we've been eyeing Linux boxes, and wondering whether it
wouldn't be easier to run these auxillary services off Linux server(s).  We're
already a Unix shop, and the servers are getting hit more and more.  In terms
of scalability, the Wintel solutions is seeming more of a limiting factor than
it used to.

The problem is that there are no Linux client libraries to access Universal
Server (we do use custom data types).  It would seem that Informix will only
release those once the IUS on Linux is available (sometime next year).

I would like to lobby powers that be that it would be beneficial to have those
client libraries earlier.  If your shop is running NT services that access a
Universal Server database, and you'd consider switching them, please let me
know (your company, your name, any details you feel comfortable sending).
I will arrange those and make a case to the right people at Sun and Informix.

(In case you are wondering why Sun - it's because every Intel box not running
Win* is a victory for Sun...  Once you are on an Intel/Unix there is a good
chance you'll migrate your code to Sun once Intel isn't big enough.  Sun
actually ought to help fund those drivers!)


Jan C. Zawadzki
Dir. R&D, TriPort Inc.