Attention RDBMS Specialists

Attention RDBMS Specialists

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ACS Government Solutions Group is actively seeking an RDBMS
Specialist.  This person needs to posess a very high level of knowledge
in Informix database development.  My intent here is, certainly, not to
offend, but to find potential candidates through some networking
efforts.  I am very anxious to find a qualified candidate and welcome
any responses.  The impact of filling this position wopuld be
immediate.  Are you or do you know of anyone looking for this type of
opportunity?  I am needing someone in the Greater Memphis, TN area to
work on a long term contract with the Navy Personnel Command.  A very
competitive salary and benefits are offered.  Relocation assistance can
be arranged if needed.  Specifics and details of my company's role with
the Navy can be discussed at your request.

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1. Attention TORONTO or Ontario MD-RDBMS users!

To all Canadian users of UniVerse, UniData, Adds, whatever...

At the International Spectrum conference in Anaheim this year, Gus Giobbi, CEO
of Spectrum, announced a regional Spectrum show in Toronto, May 9 & 10, 1996.

For those of you who don't know of Spectrum or have forgotten, it is a
collection of users and vendors who work in the multi-relational database
market (formerly informally referred to as the 'Pick' community) - please, no
mail on the nomenclature topic...

This conference was to be an EDUCATIONAL show, focussing on training for users
in ODBC, Visual Basic connectivity, PC integration, and other topics of direct
relevance to MD-RDBMS users.  I say "WAS" because it has tentatively been
cancelled.  Why?  Because with the collapse of the Canadian Pick Users Group
(CPU) and a general dwindling of community interest back in 1988, Spectrum
stopped maintaining Canadian mailing lists, and they don't know how to get in
touch with enough people to pull it off!

This is a great concern to me.  As an independant consulting, specializing in
'Pick' terminal-based to Windows based migration (while RETAINING the
multi-relational database), and as a teacher of Visual Basic to Pick Basic
programmers, I was very much looking forward to this conference.  It is long
overdue that Spectrum (or someone) try to rekindle interest in forums where
ideas and information can be shared, and education be offered.  It has been
about 8 years since the last CPU meeting (to my recollection), and I firmly
believe that we can benefit from getting together again.  For their part,
Spectrum has announced a bold new intiative to unite our community
(internationally) with a new logo for software and platforms based on the
multi-dimensional model (without having to use the 'Pick' name).  In less
than a month since it was announced, over 100 companies, including most (if
not ALL) of the major O/S suppliers have already signed up.  I encourage you
to find out more about this program.

Bottom Line:------------------------------------------------------------

Gus Giobbi of Spectrum would still like to re-initiate the educational
conference in Toronto (though probably later than May).  If you have ANY
interest in seeing this happen or want more information, I URGE you to send
him some email to that effect (and/or let ME know what you think).

or check out:

Thanks for your time and interest.  I look forward to hearing from any of you.

  --=\_o_/=--  Andrew Welch, CCP         |

      <!>                                |
      /!\      Caduceus Consulting       |
       !       Toronto, Ontario, CANADA  |

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