execute SPL - function in MISQL - tag ?

execute SPL - function in MISQL - tag ?

Post by Ilona Stoffe » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hi everybody !
Is there a way to execute SPL functions with parameters in MISQL - tags
(It only worked with function without parameters. Every other function
could not be revoked for any reason.)

Does anyone know why it is  not possible to execute an restricted Sql -
Statement in a SPL - routine?

Any ideas ?


1. RFC: SPL-execute

Hi all,

I'm still trying to port 4GL applications to PHP
But I have hard feeling to start a second source tree for
the business logic which is all in 4GL.

Now i thinking for the following construction:
1: Create a table which fields to hold the args and results
    of  a business action and a serial.
2: Set a tricker on the table via a SPL to execute a 4GL programm
    with the serial of the record as its arg,
    The 4GL program will use this serial to read its args
    and will write its relults  back into the same record.
 3: From PHP Execute a insert 'args' into the table
    read the serial from SQLERR
    and poll the Record until a resultfield are filled.

Question :
    Will this work ?
    Can someone show me how to code such SPL ?


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