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I've been looking for a database package for a Unix system, and am considering
Informix-SE among others.  Originally I wasn't considering WingZ as a front end
because I was told that it was somewhat limited as to what kind of queries it
could process.  For us, the main point of using a relational database is to
process complex SELECT statements--the description of WingZ as a "spreadsheet"
doesn't make it sound relevant to us.

On the other hand, I think we'd be better off with a completely X-windows based
GUI interface, rather than a character-based interface.  Hence, could anyone
comment on the ease-of-use of WingZ, and its flexibility in regard to SQL
queries, compared to Informix-4GL?

Thank you in advance,

Bill Thompson



Datalink for Sybase is an application developed by Fusion Systems Group, Inc.
that allows you to access a Sybase SQL Server through Wingz, the graphical
spreadsheet application from Informix Software, Inc.

No previous experience with databases is required to use this tool.  Simply
click the appropriate buttons in easy to yse dialog boxes; Datalink for
Sybase translates your selections into SQL that can be understood by the
Sybase SQL Server.

Datalink for Sybase allows you to retrieve information from a Sybase SQL
Server and copy the selected data into a Wingz worksheet, where details
can be easily viewed and analyzed.  Once the selected data is in a worksheet
you can use WIngz to perform statistical calculations on the data, create
reports, and generate over 25 types of charts.

Datalink for Sybase also provides a command line dialog box for experienced
SQL users who wish to enter SQL statements directly.

For more details, and pricing information contact:

        Fusion Systems Group, Inc.
        225 Broadway
        24th Floor
        NY, NY 10007

        212-285-8001   voice
        212-285-8705   fax

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