VB and Online 5.10

VB and Online 5.10

Post by Steven Weis » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I wonder if anyone out there can help me. I'm connecting to an Informix
Online 5.10 database (service : sqlexec, protocol: olsoctcp) from VB 6 using
ADO (data control) and Informix CLI 2.30TC1. I have set the Provider to
Microsoft OLE DB for ODBC. I have 90 000 records and VB creates a client
side cursor on the PC.

Problem : Its *y slow.

I have tried to change the data control cursor type to a server side cursor
which I assume will be a lot faster (It is using RDO anyway) but cannot get
any data to display in my grid with this type of cursor.

What am I doing wrong and how can I speed the data access up?
What other possible techniques can I use to do data Access?

Thanks in advance

Steve Weiss


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A while back I asked about running D4GL with OnLine 5.10 and CSDK.  
Art and Jonathan pointed out that I-STAR would be needed with that
mix of products when the ESQL/C version is above 5.10.

But Jonathan also wrote that:

Has anyone succeeded with this technique?  Any ideas how I'd go about it?


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