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>      I am Dhiren Dave  from Reliance Ind. Ltd. Naroda , Ahmedabad.
> We have recently received Informix Software for UNISYS OS SVR4 1.4.
> I have installed all software [4GL - ID,  4GL-RDS, SQL, IDS].
> While Initializing  engine  ONINIT -I -Y as well as onmonitor
> gives  the following error msg.
> " dynamic linker:oninit:symbol not found:gettimeofday
> killed "
> I have written small script in 'C' calling gettimeofday( ) function which
> runs perfectly
> correct.

Have you compile it as a dinamyc linkable program (not static).
You could compile it in a static program and you could have the
static library with gettimeofday() function.

Just look in your /lib or /usr/lib directories for shared libraries (on
SCO they end up in ".so", I dont't know about UNISYS).

Also you could check what dynamic lybraries the oninit program uses using
ldd (I hope UNISYS has this command):
        ldd $INFORMIXDIR/bin/oninit

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