sql:unused extent space

sql:unused extent space

Post by Savio Pereir » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hello everybody!
Is there a SQL to find out the total unused space in all the extents?



1. unused space in extent and performance

I'am working on a data warahouse. The initial extents of tables and indexes
are sized to contain 5 years of data. For example: the largest table will be
about 2 GIG but now is filled with only 200MB of data.  Does a large ammount
of free space in the initial extents have a negitive effect on performance.

I have the feeling that choosing a more conservative initial extent will
benefit the performance in the first years. Ofcourse this will need
reorganising tables wen they are becomming to fragmented.

All comments are welcome

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