HELP. Need info on Informix for research report

HELP. Need info on Informix for research report

Post by James War » Sat, 21 Jan 1995 18:58:07


>I'm doing a class project (research report) on Informix Corp. and
>their products.

Shame on you for letting the net do your homework!!

I'm just kidding, I'm sorry that I didn't have the net when I was in

I rember several articles in Datamation magazine about Informix over
the last two years that you might want to look up. Informix has their own
propaganda "ragazine" called Spectrum. I have back issues as far as 1990.
They also have an office in "Middle America"- Kansas I think but I could be

I'll make a deal with you about my old issues of Spectrum. I'll let you
have them if you'll post a nice, long Faq that we can use in our
procurement paperwork....

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1. Ques: Need Info On Informix 3rdParty Report Writers

Hello All,

 I was hoping someone could recommend some Informix 3rd party report writer
tools.  The tools should work with Turbo Informix and/or Informix Online.
These tools are to be used either via X-windows, unix terminal session, or
under Microsoft Windows 3.1 since we have access to all types to write the
reports with.  The only tool we have used so far has been Crystal Reports
under Windows 3.1 using an ODBC to a Informix Online database.

 So any information would be greatly appreciated.  Also, I have already
referenced the FAQ, but am looking for first hand knowledge (especially if
anyone has or used one for Turbo Informix).


Bob Krause
Software Engineer

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