row level vs page level locking is it more than marketing

row level vs page level locking is it more than marketing

Post by Peter Tashkof » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

What has row at a time processing, versus set based, got to do with page =
level versus row level locking???
Most programmers on planet earth have done the very same thing you trumpet =
you own abilities in doing.
So what?
Are you really as incredibly impressed with yourself as you would lead us =
to believe by your unending egocentrical posts; or are you on holiday and =
your worst enemy is gleefully destroying your credibility at your =
still-logged-in terminal?

Peter =22Had a gutsful of Pablo=22 Tashkoff

Quote:>>> Pablo Sanchez <> 28/11/97 09:26:43 >>>

I was doing a bench for a customer and they were doing some
nightly processing... looking at their code, I saw that one
section was taking 2.5 hours.  I rewrote it and that same
section took a couple of minutes. =20

What was the magic?  Converted their row at a time logic to
set based logic.=20
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I'm dealing with an SQL7 database that's been in production for about a year
now, and it's getting to be extremely slow. In the last couple of weeks
we've been running into some deadlocks that have been killing a web app.

I was under the impression that SQL7 is doing row-level locking by default,
which should in theory keep this problem from occuring -- essentially, two
threads of the web app are trying to write to the database simultaneously,
and one of them becomes the "victim" -- this wasn't an issue until recently.

Am I mistaken on this? Do I need to turn on row-level locking somewhere?

John Stotler

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