Finding source of deadlock

Finding source of deadlock

Post by Rajib Sarka » Wed, 26 Jun 2002 05:44:27

Yes, that's true ..:-)

In order to find the deadlock monitoring the onstat -k output with onstat
-x and onstat -u output will help ...:-)

The owner of onstat -k will map to the session of onstat -u output.

Not much of an help ..:-) but you would require to do some combinations of
the above to track the session which is causing the DEADLOCK.

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It's the classic SQLCODE -243/ ISAM -143 deadlock error (I typed those
numbers from memory, so I hope they're correct).

We recently modified a program and it started sporadically getting this
error on an OPEN cursor statement.

The coder thinks the program is deadlocking against itself (meaning it's
own transaction - not another instance of the same program).

I don't even think that's possible.  (1st question:  Is it even

Of course, this never showed up during QA on our non-production box, and
when we rerun it, it has always completed.

This is enough evidence for me to leap to the "wild" conclusion that it
is deadlocking against some other process.

2nd question:  Is there any way to trap information about who caused us
to deadlock?

If memory serves me, when Informix detects a deadlock situation, it send
an error to 1 process and allows the other process to go on its merry

Thanks in advance,


1. Finding source of deadlock

Been swamped, not much extra time... This may be too late to help, but my
favorite tool when I suspect a deadlock condition, is to run my little
'' program...:

while [ 1 = 1 ]
    echo " set isolation to dirty read;
    select c.username[1,8] as user,a.owner,
        a.waiter, b.username[1,8] as waiting,
        a.tabname, a.rowidlk as rowid, a.type
    from sysmaster:syslocks a,sysmaster:syssessions b,
        sysmaster:syssessions c
    where a.waiter = b.sid
    and   b.is_wlock > 0
    and   a.owner  = c.sid " | dbaccess sysmaster 2>/dev/null | sed '/^$/d'
    sleep $SleepFor

./ 5

CTRL/C to interupt it.  Pass the sleep value length when you call the prog.

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