Grrrrrr.......Online 7.1 on AIX setup

Grrrrrr.......Online 7.1 on AIX setup

Post by Govind Tatachar » Thu, 12 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Quote:>Mike Lemon writes:
>-> :::: Stuff Deleted ::::
>->  Is this my problem?  
>->onmonitor won't even run: can't find put/sndmsg in libtli.a.

>That library sounds familiar... or it is that you need to run:


>When we went to 7.1 we had to remember to run that every time we reboot
>the machine (which the first time or two is easy forget since we don't
>do it too often).  Anyway, I remember the error and I'm guessing it's
>the latter.

The first point in OnLine 7.1 (AIX) machine note clearly states that
portable streams library needs to be loaded. If you are using OnLine
7.1 on a AIX box make sure that the /etc/inittab contains an entry
to run strload everytime the system is rebooted so as to make this

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1. Grrrrrr.......Online 7.1 on AIX setup


It seems that Online 7.1 for AIX 3.2.5 doesn't like my
libtli.a shared library.

We have an older version of the C compiler (since IBM is too
anal to provide it with the OS upgrades).  Is this my problem?  
onmonitor won't even run: can't find put/sndmsg in libtli.a.

I'd prefer to use sockets right now anyway.  Is there a way to
keep it from loading that library?

All I want to do is set up a test development environment and
try out some network connections.  Something so simple.....

Mike Lemon

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