Wordperfect/Informix Letterhead Issue

Wordperfect/Informix Letterhead Issue

Post by aspiring immigra » Thu, 10 Jul 2003 00:55:51

Hi Guru's,
This has kept my thinking hat on for a while now.
Scenario :
System has multiple Informix databases each on different boxes. IDS
9.20. Solaris 8. To generate letters/documents application (4gl) has a
wordperfect 7 interface to it. Each physical box has a unique letter
head which is attached to the template of the wordperfect instance .
This is done using the graphics option of Wordperfect.
Issue : I want a single instance of wordperfect to generate different
letterheads dynamically. For eg. at one time it could be generating a
UK address, at another time a Newyork letterhead based on some
condition in the application. I do not know if there is a flexibility
in WP 7 to have different letterheads.

Any tips ideas  would be great.

Thanks in Advance.


1. Wordperfect/Informix Letterhead Issue

 aspiring immigrant

1 Can you set a default letterhead for each user and tell Wordperfect each
instance is a different user.

2 If the letterhead is a graphic can you include the relevant file with the
Informix output, instead of Wordperfect adding it.

3 Dump the word processor all together and use PCL as discussed here a few
months ago. As suggested by someone else, look at http://www.visual.co.uk/.

Colin Bull

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