Livewire 1.01 and Informix on AIX 4.2

Livewire 1.01 and Informix on AIX 4.2

Post by Steffen Winther Soerense » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I'm new to informix and I'm trying to get an Online 7.12 up on an AIX
4.2 underneath a Netscape Enterprise 2.01 server. So far I got the same
problem as described below, anyone knows the fix ?

Snip form previous article:

After succesfully install: Enterprise 2.01, Informix7.12(LWPRO)
and livewire I've found a previously referenced problem:
I can't connect to Informix from appmgr-dbadmin:
"Unable to open",
In an article from netscape KB they say about putting environ LIBPATH,
but after apply it in my start script

 # ./start
 failed to initialize shared libraries [the mode argument for the
dlopen() call is invalid]
 ./start[22]: 40454 Abort(coredump)

Any idea, experience, suggestion is welcome
p.d: I've post this question in netscape news too, but
no answer until now.

from "kb/tools/961125-4.html" of netscape...:

Quote:> When connecting to an Informix database through LiveWire,
> and the database connection fails with the following
> message in debug mode:

> [CANTOPEN] Unable to open
> dlopen(): path component not found (errno = ENOENT)

> The required LIBPATH variable needs to be added to the 'start'
> script of your enterprise server (aside from the other INFORMIX
> variables). Note that AIX uses LIBPATH, not LD_LIBRARY_PATH, for
> shared library environment path.



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1. Re-licensing Informix V4 from AIX 3.1 to AIX 4.2 - considering WinNT

Hi All,

We currently operate under the following conditions:

SE V4, SQL V4, RDS V4, AIX 3.1, RS6000/320, 64 MB RAM.

As you can see, old kit and old software :-)

In a planned move to AIX 4.2 I have to re-license our Informix

Being new to RDS, having used 4GL previously, I have been made aware
that RDS is more memory hungry on a per user basis. Given that I am to
move to AIX 4.2 and an upgrade to a RS6000/370 with 96 MB RAM, would
any users care to comment on whether they consider the proposed box
will be suitable. There would be approximately 20-25 concurrent users
at any one time. AIX 4.2 is also more memory hungry than AIX 3.1 but
perhaps not enough in itself to suggest a massive jump in RAM.

As an aside, is this version of Informix supported on WinNT? If I were
to buy Informix fresh for a Unix box we would be talking a lot of
money and so to save on cost a re-license our current release for
whatever plaform we go to.

Also, as a Unix techie, when installing Informix it really is a
breeze; the database and applications sit in file systems and in
general it is fairly resilient. If the Unix box crashes, the file
systems are repaired automatically by AIX and then we do whatever it
takes to get the Informix database back into shape.

Is NT a good platform for running Informix? What cost savings are
there for Informix on the NT platform?

I think that is all for now :-)

Cheers, Ian.
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