Using NewEra 3.0 I'm unable to connect a database using ODBC

Using NewEra 3.0 I'm unable to connect a database using ODBC

Post by Hans Beu » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hi there,

After installing NewEra 3.0 on a Window-95 machine, I sadly came to
the conclusion that I'm unable to connect to the local SE.

Although i performed the instructions from the installation guide.
After contact with the Informix department they assured me that the
problem is caused by the 16-bits ODBC driver that is installed on this

Now I have 2 questions for you:

1) How can i de-instal the 16-bit ODBC driver without having to
re-install Windows-95 completly ?

2) Does anybody know another solution ?


Thanks in advance ......


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