help with multi-table query

help with multi-table query

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the following should do the trick:

select lastname
from   table1
where  lastname not in
  (select lastname
   from   table2
   where  firstname != 'doug')

                                                            |     .     .
  Bob Baskett                                               |    ...   ...
  Software Engineer, DBA                                    |   ..... .....
  Business Systems Integration Group                        |  ..   ...   ..
  Semiconductor Products Sector                             | .      .      .
  Mesa, AZ                                                  |
                                                            |  Motorola, Inc
Sun 690-MP

Informix Versions:
  Online - 5.00.UC2
  ISQL   - 4.10.UD1
  4GL-RDS- 4.10.UC1


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I'm using SQL SERVER 7.0. I'm very new to Multi-Table querying, and
can't seem to figure this one out. Any help would be appreciated.

I have 2 tables. one is called RATES and one is called BILLING

In the BILLING table, there are 2 columns, one is COUNTRY and
the other is ACTUAL.  In the RATES table, there are two columns
COUNTRY (which you would use to match the rate to) and RATE.

This is for an ASP page. It has to go row by row of the BILLING
table and calculate the total of a phone call, by multiplying the
ACTUAL of BILLING column with the RATE for that COUNTRY.
It sounds simple, but I get strange (wrong) results everytime.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Ayaz Asif

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