INX_UTIL Tool Kit 3.0 now available via

INX_UTIL Tool Kit 3.0 now available via

Post by Tim Schaef » Sat, 05 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I found out today that my <ahem> wonderful internet provider allows us the
opportunity to set up an FTP site for files. This is in response to several
of you who've reported problems trying to get the tool kit.  

The latest release of Netscape seems to have overcome some of the file retrieval
problems the earlier versions had, so you can either upgrade your Netscape, or
head on over to the ftp directory.  I'm using Netscape 1.2b2, and it appears
to work very well.

If you wish to upload files to this site they have an "incoming" directory for
such purposes.  If you want me to put your files in the same directory as my
tool kit, let me know, if you're looking for an FTP site.  No, I'm not running
a charity here, but if there's an important tool you want to post here, I'll
put it up, provided it ain't too big.  Unless you tell me to take the file(s)
out of the incoming directory, they'll be purged.  As always, there's the
emory site which could also be a resource if you talk to Walt.

I appreciate the many fine folks who've had a chance to email me and let me
know their thoughts about the tools.



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