I-Connect problems - 7.12

I-Connect problems - 7.12

Post by Neil Emeri » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Please ignore this one.

After spending hours on the problem, it was in fact...

a clock problem.

Some bright spark at the office changed the PC clock to 2096 to see what
would happen.

Apologies Informix.


1. Help:Intersolv ODBC/I-connect to SCO 7.12 performace problem

     We just upgrade our informix server from SCO 3.2 Online 5.0 to SCO 5
     open server Online 7.12.   All 4GL applications & VB3 using ODBC 2.11
     with I-Net 5.0 work perfect much faster.

     Before upgrade, I do test Intersolv ODBC 2.12 on VB4 link to Online
     5.0.  I can retrieve data from database under reasonable time.  But I
     after upgrade to Online 7.12. Firstful, I have trouble using I/Net
     v7.2 connect to my server same as Steve Romankiw email say, after I
     put enter into /etc/hosts.equiv I be able to connect to the server.
     But when I try run the same VB4 program (just change Connection Data
     Source), retrieve data back take much longer(10 times). The query is
     realy simple select sql statement.

     I call Informix support they say nothing wrong with the Online Engine
     (I believe so) & I-Connect 7.20 (He say it's stable) and may something
     wrong VB4 code.

     Anyone has any clues, tips or tricks, please help me.

     I do appreciate any kindly help! Thank you.

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