Request Power-4GL info

Request Power-4GL info

Post by Michael Wi » Wed, 15 Mar 1995 01:23:53

email returned, please send info re Power-4GL.



1. request: opinions on info power from woll2woll software


i just saw an ad for infopower, a set of database components that replace
those that come with delphi, from woll2woll software.  has someone used
these?  wouls you recomend it?  pros?  cons?

i am new to delphi.  i have a 2 semester pascal background, though i've
never used pascal to create anything useful (other than a password program),
but that was in a dos environment.  anyway, could you give me an idea of
the best way to go about learning delphi.  i've picked up delphi unleashed,
and it looks preety good.  a bit too much coverage of pascal language for
my needs, but that makes it a complete reference, i guess.

any help would be greatly appreciated.  please reply via email.


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