Looking for a few good programmers

Looking for a few good programmers

Post by Gary L. Burno » Thu, 26 May 1994 05:13:59

I am looking for one or two Informix programmers willing to relocate to
Western Massachusetts (Springfield).  Experience in ISQL and R4GL is
required.  SCO Unix experience would be helpful.  

Please send a resume & salary requirements to:

Informix Programmer
c/o Gary L. Burnore
Myers Information Systems, Inc.
184 Wayside Avenue
West Springfield, MA. 01089


Gary L. Burnore
Director, Progamming & Development
Myers Information Systems, Inc.

408/247-4727 - Santa Clara, CA
413/733-4888 - West Springfield, MA


1. Look for a few good developers...

We are currently looking for individuals with the following
skills set for full-time and consulting positions in New
and New York.

        - C++
        - Windows NT
        - Powerbuilder
        - Segue QA Partner
        - MS Access
        - MS SQL Server
        - MS Visual Basic
        - SAP
        - SAS
        - SQLWindows

The positions offer highly competitive rates.

Please email or fax your resume to (201) 244-0691 ASAP.

Thank you.

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