Top 10 downloads - DBAmon

Top 10 downloads - DBAmon

Post by Jack Parke » Tue, 04 Feb 2003 01:09:13

I had no idea that people were still downloading this thing.  It is probably
10 or so years old and was written for 5.0.  While the framework is still
sound, many of the checks are no longer valid or still use onstat commands.
I do have an updated version around somewhere - but that is at least 5 years
old.  I'm willing to spend some time bringing it up to snuff.  Those of you
who have downloaded it (or are interested in it) - let me know what you want
in it and I will spend some time in the next week or so working on it.



1. Urgent--Newbie, please Help!:-)--TOP 10 Plus Increments of the next TOP 10


does anyone know of a Query that will return the first TOP 10 and then
the following TOP 10 in increments fof 10??

I have 2 QUERIES which will return the first TOP 10, but not the next
increments of 10. Also, does anyone know the QUERRY to return the
BOTTO 10 as well?

Here are 2 QUERIEs  I am using just to return the TOP 10:


SELECT contact_id
FROM contacts
ORDER BY contact_id asc


SELECT top 10 contact6_Id
FROM contacts
ORDER BY contact_id ASC
These both work, but can't figure out how to get the next increments
of 10.

3) also tried this a suggested, but it returns bottom 10 --not what I

SELECT TOP 10 contact_id
FROM contacts
WHERE contact_id in
(SELECT TOP 20 contact_id
FROM contacts
ORDER BY contact_id DESC)
ORDER BY contact_id ASC

Thanks in advance. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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