IIUG Insider #13 - Forum 2002 Top 12, JG Perrin and Infobahns

IIUG Insider #13 - Forum 2002 Top 12, JG Perrin and Infobahns

Post by Fred Hubbard at IIU » Sat, 02 Nov 2002 07:01:21

Friends, the IIUG Insider's Nov. 1st issue is now distributing via
e-mail to all IIUG members who have requested it on their membership
profile. It will momentarily be posted at www.IIUG.org as well. Please
share with your colleagues and IT managers as it contains information
that we hope will be much interest.

This issue's table of contents follows:

1) IIUG President, Jerry Hamilton, Writes to the Membership
2) Forum 2002's Top 12 (8 & 9 Nov. 2002)
3) Profiling Jean Georges Perrin, IIUG Board Member
4) IBM Informix Road Show for North America Kicks Off in November
5) New Download: AGS' Server Studio JE for IBM Informix Servers
6) Informix Partners: Update Your PartnerWorld Profile
7) IIUG Special Interest Discussion Groups Explained
8) InformixToday October Issue (Vol. VI) Now Available in Color pdf
9) Sql Power Tools Offers IIUG Members 15% Discount
10) IBM Informix Products in IBM Software Catalog
11) Useful Links

Best regards,

Fred Hubbard
IIUG Managing Director