Maximum report page width

Maximum report page width

Post by Schno » Sat, 16 Jul 1994 10:38:00

Is there a maximum page width for i4gl reports or a maximum line length
for .ace files.

I have a situation where I need to write a select statement to a file.  A sed
script will then be used to extract the select statement from the file and
insert it into a .ace file template.  Finally the resulting .ace file will
be compiled and the ace report run using sacego.  If I have to, I can write
the select statement in pieces which are less than 80 chars long and
syntactically correct, but doing so will require a fair amount of string
parsing.  If there are no line length limits, writing the select statement
as a single line is _MUCH_ easier.

I will be using i4gl ver. 4.10, and the on-line engine.  Not sure of the
version number for the ace reports (I'm writing this from home) but it was
purchased at the same time as i4gl and Informix On-line.


Maximum report page width

Post by Peter Wiley - Poult » Sat, 16 Jul 1994 17:05:26

 In R4gl, there appears no limit.

I once edited a print statement in a report to change the column number.
Unfortunately, I was in insert mode. The report happily printed lines of
1207 characters until the system ULIMIT kicked in :) Lucky I wasn't running
as root at the time.

Peter Wiley


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