any ex of trig/sp for update of row?

any ex of trig/sp for update of row?

Post by Kevi » Wed, 10 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I'm looking for an example of an update trigger that will change the value
of a datetime column to current whenever any of the other cols in the table
is updated. I looked in the manuals and couldn't find anything. I have very
limited experience with triggers and SP but thought this would be pretty
simple, or am I missing something? Are there any examples on the net of
that I could use as a tutorial?


1. EX SP Problem

Hi All,
    I'm writing an Extended Stored procedure for do some string
manipulations. I have following problems. Could some one help me.

I included following files.
stdlib.h, stdio.h, string.h, ctype.h, windows.h, srv.h, time.h

But still I'm having follwoing erros.

error C2065: 'ODS_VERSION' : undeclared identifier

error C2065: 'srv_paraminfo' : undeclared identifier

Could some one tell me which file I have to include to avoid this error.
Please reply soon. Bcos I'm waiting.

Thanks and Regards

Ruwan Sanjeewa

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