What's better

What's better

Post by Saulius Raud » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

        What we should to choose for Informix Online Workgroup Server for Windows
NT (v .12): Windows NT workstation 4.0 or Windows NT server 4.0. And if
there are differences in this sitiuation, please describe about them.
Thanks in advance.

Saulius Raudys



1. One of Paradox 7's best features (that's not on the feature list)

I've been playing around with the Paradox 7 beta the last few days.  
Feel free to ask some questions if you like, but I stumbled across
something with I think is very cool... and it's not in the 'What's new
in Paradox 7' list.

I wrote a programme that put Paradox in an infinite loop and pressed
Ctrl-Alt-Del to end the task and killed Paradox.

Guess what?  To start it up again there was none of the 'Cannot
initialize IDAPI. Directory is busy' stuff... It just started!  I know
that this is a feature of the Windows95 architecture... or something.  

At last we've finally got rid of one of the most annoying things about
GPF errors in Paradox.  I think every developer has created one of those
infinite loops or had the canDepart method failing.

I don't know about anyone else, but that is one *good* reason to
upgrade... if only we could do something about the Windows95 problems...

Cheers, Simon

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