IIUG Insider #11: IIUG.org News, Informix Successes,

IIUG Insider #11: IIUG.org News, Informix Successes,

Post by Stuart Lite » Sat, 05 Oct 2002 12:03:57

October 4, 2002

IIUG Insider (Issue #11)

Highlights: IIUG.org News, Informix Successes, J/Foundation & Linux, onstat
Write Up, and More...

Online at http://www.IIUG.org

Welcome to the International Informix Users Group (IIUG) Insider! Designed
for IIUG members and Informix user group leaders, this contains timely and
relevant information for the IBM Informix community.

1) See What's New at www.IIUG.org
2) Profiling the New IIUG President
3) Informix Successes By the Dozen
4) Getting Started With IBM Informix J/Foundation on Linux by Sean Durity
5) New SIG Web Forum Takes Shape
6) Blue Bird 3-Part Webcast Series Begins On 9 October
7) Nugget Finder Award: "Everything onstat doc"
8) 4GL Survey Results On-Line In Member Area
9) Washington Area Informix Users Group - Forum 2002
10) Sign Up for InformixToday
11) Useful Links

1) See What's New at www.IIUG.org
If you haven't visited the IIUG home page lately, there are many new items
featured. Conference Program Directors Neil Truby and Nancy Balsbaugh have
posted an interesting recap of the Anaheim conference at:

A new software download is available from the IIUG member area. By popular
demand, IIUG and IBM are pleased to offer IBM Informix Client SDK v2.6 Bundle
(including JDBC) as the latest addition to the IIUG Members Only Download
Site. Client SDK is a collection of APIs that offers flexibility, performance
and functionality by leveraging industry standards such as SQL, JDBC, ODBC
and OLE DB. The platforms available for download include AIX, Windows,
Solaris, HP-UX and Linux. If you are looking for the latest version of Client
SDK (v2.8), customers can check out http://www.informix.com/evaluate. You can
find the 2002 Informix User Conference presentations, newly available within
the IIUG member area.

Walt Hultgren reported that the last few weeks have seen a veritable bounty
of software arrive at the IIUG Software Repository. Dietmar Bos, Walt
Hultgren, Tony Kaser, Jonathan Leffler and Rajib Sarkar have sent new
submissions or updates. In addition, Eric Herber, Madison Pruet and Tim
Schaefer each submitted collections of multiple tools and utilities, the
latter being particularly comprehensive. For details, visit:

2) Profiling the New IIUG President
In an effort to bring the IIUG Board closer to the IIUG membership, IIUG will
begin to profile a Director every month. We are kicking this off with an
article on Jerry Hamilton, brand-new IIUG President. Highlights:

"I currently hold the position of Senior Manager of Database Administration
for Fleishman-Hillard, Inc. at their world headquarters in St. Louis,
Missouri. If I were to strip away the title and define what I do, it would be
a plain old DBA. "

"I was first exposed to Informix back in 1991 while working for a software
company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. At that time, I was supporting A.I.
applications running on SUPRA databases. My first real Informix job came in
1992 as a 4GL coder. "

"I'm currently the IIUG President for the 2002-2003 term. Last year I worked
on the IIUG Board on the communications sub-committee spending most of my
time working with the E-Pub team. "

"My biggest goals for the IIUG this year are: To continuing strengthening
local user groups, to deliver timely, accurate and useful information, and to
eliminate any misinformation about Informix for the DBA as well as for the
top management decision makers. "

"I remember my first real day being a DBA I was looking around on a few HP
machines seeing what was running. I had run a few 'ps -ef' commands and
noticed a whole bunch of idle 'oninit' processes.  Being the sharp and alert
DBA, I figured it was time to 'kill -9' these idle 'oninit' threads"

For the complete story, please visit www.IIUG.org.

3) Informix Successes By the Dozen
Here's another site that is chock full of good news about IBM products,
including a DOZEN Informix success stories! These tales spread the word that
Informix is alive and well - and serving up technology solutions to the

The IBM success stories search site is located at:
= dmmain

After you reach this site, note the "Select a Software Product" pull down
menu in the "Limit Search to" area.  Select Informix from the list and you'll
find 12 (and maybe more by now) Informix success stories for your reading

4) Getting Started With IBM Informix J/Foundation on Linux by Sean Durity
Thinking of Informix on Linux? This article offers step-by-step directions
for configuring IBM Informix Dynamic Server J/Foundation for a 9.3x server on
the Linux platform. By the end of the article, you will be able to execute
the J/Foundation examples that ship with the server.

This and many other useful resources are available at the IBM Informix
DeveloperZone. Sean's article is just one feature of this highly informative
site located at http://www7b.software.ibm.com/dmdd/zones/informix

There is much to explore here.  Happy hunting!

5) New SIG Web Forum Takes Shape
Response to our new Web Forum pilot program for the Linux-Informix SIG has
been most enthusiastic, with about 80 messages posted during its first couple
weeks of testing. Thanks to user feedback - and stalwart responses by web
guru Pete Perez and moderator Sean Durity - we've improved the usability of
the forum. Refinements have included message-threading capability and
upgraded search functionality.

By keeping SIG messages in a searchable archive, this forum is showing great
promise as a significant added value for IIUG members. The new Web Forum
program should roll out to all other IIUG-hosted discussion lists in the next
month or so, except for the IIUG CDI gateway, "Informix-List".

6) Blue Bird 3-Part Webcast Series Begins On 9 October
You already know and love Informix products. Join us for an informative
three-part webcast series, sponsored by the IIUG, introducing three IBM
software products that work with your existing Informix infrastructure.

The webcasts will deliver "rubber meets the road" details on integrating
these products with your IBM Informix installation, while exploring the added
value they bring to your organization. Attendees will also learn about
special product offers from IBM, available for a limited time only.

Webcasts will feature WebSphere on 16 October, Tivoli Software on 24 October,
and Lotus Software on a date to be determined. Times and details can be found
on our webcast corner, featured on the IIUG website at:

You can also replay IIUG's two most recent and highly popular webcasts.
Available now are "Informix Future Visions: A Follow-up on the Informix User
Conference and Latest Product Information", which aired on 18 September and
"Getting the Best Performance from the IBM Informix API Products", which
aired on 26 September. Visiting our webcast corner for details on the
replays at:

7) Nugget Finder Award: "Everything onstat doc"
Our nugget finder award this issue goes to Stuart Litel, who passed on a
treasure trove of Informix wisdom from a true master of the art, Mark
Scranton. To quote Stuart, "It has the BEST document on his site regarding
onstat I have ever seen."  What's really neat is that Mark (what a guy) has
allowed us to share this valuable information, titled "Everything onstat
doc", with all IIUG members. Find it at:

Interested in our tongue-in-cheek nugget finder award? Email us your best
find at En...@IIUG.org.

8) 4GL Survey Results On-Line In Member Area
Survey Program Director Hal Manor reported that the results of the 4GL survey
conducted during the August 2002 Webcast have been published in the IIUG
member area. To see the survey results document, login to the member area at
www.iiug.org/members. Once you have logged in, under your membership
information, you will see the following message and link:

"This past August 2002 the IIUG and IBM sponsored a 4GL Web Cast on the
FUTURE OF 4GL. Many IIUG members have asked for a copy of the results of a
survey that was done during the Webcast. Click Here for the results of that

Click on "Here" to view the survey results. Note that this Insider newsletter
has a quick member link near the end, which facilitates quick access to the
member area.

9) Washington Area Informix Users Group - Forum 2002
Don't miss this two-day User Group Technical ...

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IIUG Insider #11: IIUG.org News, Informix Successes,

Post by Tim Schaefe » Sat, 05 Oct 2002 20:06:36

Nice work Stuart.

Now, since Mohan decided to play old_informix and ignore me,
maybe you can tell me when Informix XPS 8.4 will be available
for Linux in a working, non-crippled version.  And I'd like to
know when IBM will put ALL Informix engines out on their website
for download.




1. IIUG Insider #24 - Good Bye Glenn Jacobson, Scranton at IIUG.org, IDS 9.4

Friends of Informix, IIUG's latest bi-weekly e-newsletter, the Insider, has
published and is immediately available at

The contents include:

1) Glenn Jacobson, IIUG & Linux Leader - Obituary
2) IIUG to Host Mark Scranton's Web Site
3) Informix Local User Group's Upcoming Events
4) IDS 9.4 Ready for IIUG Member Download
5) Replaying IBM's IDS 9.4 Customer Webcast
6) IBM Software Symposium 2003 Coming to Munich, Germany
7) Using the IBM Informix XSLT and Web DataBlades
8) Useful Links

Please share this notification with friends and colleagues with an interest
in Informix technology.

Best regards,

Federico (Fred) Hubbard
IIUG General Manager
Mobile: (520) 400-2415

We Speak Informix

2. Conditional step execution

3. Eleven FAQ's About comp.databases.informix and informix-list@iiug.org

4. Renaming security model from 'Mixed(SQL+W2K)' to 'W2K'

5. 614 error - newbie

6. Ten FAQ's About comp.databases.informix and informix-list@iiug.org

7. database package for gas utility asset management

8. Eleven FAQ's About comp.databases.informix and informix-list@iiug.org

9. Ten FAQ's About comp.databases.informix and informix-list@iiug.org

10. Nine FAQ's About comp.databases.informix and informix-list@iiug.org