INFORMIX-4GL Certification Exam

INFORMIX-4GL Certification Exam

Post by Shannon Walln » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Help set the standard for certifying INFORMIX-4GL developers! Be the first
on your block to get certified!  ... and all at a discounted price!

How? Take the INFORMIX-4GL Development Certification BETA Exam. Your
answers and comments will be used to shape the final version of this exam.
When the passing score has been set, your test will be scored and you will
be notified by mail (within 6 weeks) whether or not you passed. If you pass,
you will receive a certification packet complete with all Informix Certified
Professional benefits.

Who? Those with solid experience developing applications using INFORMIX-4GL
will be most successful!

When? Registration opens February 28, beta testing is available from March 3 -
March 14, 1997. Call 1 800 977 EXAM (3926) to register.

Where? The beta exam is available at all N. America Sylvan Prometric testing
centers. The phone registrars will help find a testing location and time
suitable to you -- night and weekend testing times are available at many

How Long? You'll be given 3 hours to take the entire pool of 240 questions.

How Much? There is a non-refundable administrative fee of $35 to take the
beta exam.

Exam Topics:
* INFORMIX-4GL Components
* Procedural Logic
* Using Screen Interaction Statements
* Using the MENU Statement
* Creating Help Files and Using the mkmessage Utility
* Creating and Using Forms
* Defining Program Variables
* Using the INPUT Statement
* Using the INSERT Statement
* The SQLCA Record
* Using the WHENEVER Statement
* Using DEFER INTERRUPT and int_flag
* Passing Values between Functions
* Verifying Data
* Using Transactions
* Using Cursors: scroll, non-scrolling, and update
* Using the CONSTRUCT Statement
* Updating and Deleting Rows
* Using the PREPARE Statement
* Using Arrays in Forms
* Using the INPUT ARRAY Statement
* Using  the DISPLAY ARRAY Statement
* Creating and Formatting Reports

The final version of this exam, scheduled to be available in April, will be
60-90 minutes, approximately 80 questions, and cost approximately $150.

Beta Test Scoring Note: For the final version of this exam, the pool of
questions is split into two equivalent forms (i.e., Form A and Form B). Your
beta test will be scored against these forms. You only need to pass one
form, so by taking this beta, you actually get two chances at passing! for information on the Informix Certified
Professional Program. Stay tuned for more information on other exams
currently in development.

Shannon Wallner
Informix Certified Professional Program Manager
Education Services
Informix Software, Inc.
phone: 206.990.7628
fax: 206.990.7676


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Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone knows of any web sites that contain "brain
dumps" for informix certification exams (like they have for MCSE
examinations). What I am looking for are test questions (from past
exams) etc.

Thanks in  Advance

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