begin works and commit works in

begin works and commit works in

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Your problem is caused by the cursor being closed after the commit.
You will find
somewhere in the manuals (about commit I think) that it says that
when a commit is
performed, all cursors get closed.

To get around this you need to declare you cursor with hold. I
cannot remember the exact
syntax, it is something like this (check the manual):

Foreach TxFT With Hold For

This should get you out of difficulties.



1. begin works and commit works in storeprocs

I am new to informix .We are working on informix 7.1.
I want to know if I can begin work and commit inside a storeproc.
Before you answer here is the problem.It is in a foreach loop.I
want to process transactions that I get with the foreach select
statement and these transactions is in groups of 5 transaction
that must be committed together.If one of these is wrong it must be
rolled back otherwise it must be committed.


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