Two Database (one in fix location and one in PC portable)

Two Database (one in fix location and one in PC portable)

Post by MADA Service S.n.c » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hi all,

The question is,

I have one database with Informix 4.1 and the same database is used for
working  in notebook PC  for order entry and other...

What is the best (and fast) way to alligned all.??

Thank 4 time. (MADA Service)


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Our live database is currently running Informix 5.x (soon to be 7.X)

Each night, the database is put into 'quiescent' mode while the backup

I would like to be able to have a "mirrored" copy of this database on-line
so that when the backup completes (and is put back into multi-user mode)
that any changes that were made to the "copy" are automatically reflected
to the live system.

eg. A person may change an address on the "copy" while the backup is being
performed - this address change would reflect itself on the live as soon as
the "live" is back on-line.

The "copy" database would not necessarily need to be Informix but
preferably so.

Is this possible?  Where can I found out more about doing this?

Regards - Adam

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